Eluvia; land of great geographical variance and many goings on.

Ardwurst : This temperate continent consists of snowy mountain ranges to the North, a rigid coast to the West, large lake to the East, and a channel dividing it from the southern continent of Veleria .

In Ardwurst:

  • Westham : Port city-state in control of a loose alliance of smaller boarder kingdoms, Westham controls the Western coast for the most part and trade on the Southern Channel.
  • Barathorn : Interior kingdom of modest wealth, they are predominately Human and their only port is on the Lethargic Lake.
  • Dominion : Dark storms envelope Dominion, the North Eastern land of desolation is now home only to the Cultists of Baal after his new tower rose there and overran the Warrior nation of Pherallus, whose warriors are now refugees in seek of work as sell-swords
  • Deshtath : Across the Lethargic Lake lays the plains region of Deshtath, made up largely of different Warlords in perpetual conflicts
  • Wabass : Far Eastern empire, exports silk and tea; few in the west have ever been there

Veleria : Home of the Hammarrahd Sultanate and several nomadic tribes who plague land roads in the Sultanate, they often act as the go-between for Wabassian finery and Westhameran weapons


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